Town of Fond du Lac Water Quality

well water testingTown of Fond du Lac residents sampled water on April 8, 2013.  Learn the results.

Prior to this program, residents in the Town of Fond du Lac last sampled with the UW-Extension lab in Stevens Point in June, 2002. At that time, 87 wells were sampled.  Seven (9%) tested positive for coliform bacteria. Zero wells had nitrate levels over the EPA health standard of 10ppm. 1 well (3%) out of the 33 that were sampled for arsenic found it in levels above the EPA health standard of 10ppb. Arsenic was present in 9 wells at low levels. Levels of arsenic can increase over time. It is recommended that every well be checked at least once for arsenic and re-tested every few years if any arsenic is present.

Many Town of Fond du Lac wells were also sampled after the 2008 flood. For the results of these tests, or to find out if your well was sampled, contact the Fond du Lac County Health Department  (920/929-3085).

Bacteria and nitrates are the two most important contaminants to test for in a private drinking water well because they have the most impact on human and animal health. It is recommended that well water users check their well for bacteria and nitrates every 15 months, or once per year at a different time of the year each time. Well water quality can change quickly. The more often a well is tested, the better well users and specialists will be able to identify the cause or source of contamination.


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