Osceola & Mitchell: Well Water Sampling Results

test tubes with colored fluids41 residents in the Towns of Osceola and Mitchell (Sheboygan Co.) tested their well water in July with UW-Extension. View the complete results including maps (PDF. 3.8MB).

  • 90% (37) of the wells tested measured very low nitrate levels.
  • 17% (7) of wells tested positive for coliform bacteria, which is typical of most other WI communities.
  • Four wells found low levels of the pesticide ingredient atrazine, common in corn-growing areas, though none were found above recommended drinking water standards.
  • 67% (18) wells detected arsenic at low levels and four found it measuring above the federal health standard.

To sustain high quality drinking water, residents are encouraged to properly seal wells that are no longer in use and to sample well water annually.

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