Leadership Journey

photo of Tina Kohlman, Fond du Lac County Dairy & Livestock AgentDairy & Livestock Agent Tina Kohlman recently completed the National Extension Leadership Development Program this past month, with the capstone session in Minneapolis, MN.  The week-long session focused on personal visioning, influence, innovation, and effective communication.

The mission of NELD is to build leaders in Cooperative Extension at all levels and provide them with the vision, courage, and tools to lead in a changing world.  The program consists of four sessions, including one international cultural immersion experience to deeper, more challenging learning regarding effective leadership, organizational collaboration, and change concepts and strategies.  The program also develops a better understanding of self and enhances personal effectiveness through assessments, coaching, feedback, and individual goal setting.  Commitment for the training includes four separate week-long sessions in Chicago; Costa Rica; Washington, DC;  and Minneapolis including one to three webinars between sessions, and numerous homework and pre-work assignments.

Many of the competencies Tina learned and developed through the yearlong training will assist her in not only working alongside Extension colleagues, but also with farmers and agri-businesses, helping to lead them through change.  Based on her training, Tina has developed a leadership philosophy which will help her to provide even more to her clientele:  Listen More | Learn More | Connect More | Lead More | Become More

Tina is looking forward to applying what she learned in the upcoming programming year.

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