Impactful Interviews – A First Step to a Great Opportunity

interviews for 4-H trips & awards4-H members implement interview success tips as they apply for awards. “Dress for success. Prepare your responses to typical questions. Arrive on time. Greet the interviewer. Shake hands. Use eye contact.” These and more tips, as well as typical interview questions, are provided to young people even before they interview for 4-H state and national educational experiences. Youth also learn how to complete an application. The application and interview process help young people experience, become comfortable with, and develop confidence in their ability to communicate effectively (both orally and in writing) with the interviewing team.

Twenty-eight teens applied and interviewed with teams that included 10 adults. The 4-H members are applying for leadership events that will occur next summer. Youth came to the interviews in dresses and ties, smiled, and provided explanation to questions. Many were nervous. They all were successful. Each person receives comments on the strengths and areas for growth in both their written application and the interview. This hands-on approach on using interviews is a practical means to absorb a life-long tool for success.

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