Enriching the Lives of Local Hispanic Youth

Young Dreamers is a youth development group that seeks to enrich the lives of local youth—especially Hispanic youth—through experiential learning activities. The group celebrated the end of the year visiting Cristo Rey Ranch. Throughout the year this group reached over 20 Latino youth. They explored an array of projects and activities — from creating hover crafts to spider webs. They performed traditional Mexican dances at community events and participated in “Lemonade Day,” an entrepreneurship program in which they started their own business (a lemonade stand), they learned entrepreneurship skills and teamwork, made a profit, donated money and received an honorable mention in the best tasting lemonade contest.


The visit to Cristo Rey Ranch gave Young Dreamers the opportunity to engage in a community service project by picking up branches and garbage across the property. They also met leaders and members of Helping Hands 4-H Club and, of course, interacted with the animals on the ranch, feeding and holding them. Members enjoyed the experience and would like to return to the ranch for another service-learning project in the future.


Young Dreamers will resume their meetings in the fall. They meet every 1st and 3rd Monday of each month at Sacred Heart School at 6:30 pm starting in September.

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