Empire Water Sampling 2018

Well Water Sampling Program

Town of Empire invites area families to sample drinking well water

Reasons to Test Through This Program:

  • Understand Risk: Testing reveals what, if any, contaminants are in your drinking water
  • Your Children’s Health: Kids, especially babies and pregnant women, are more vulnerable to certain contaminants
  • Increased Confidence in Water Quality: If sampling results show no problems, you can feel more comfortable using your well If there are health-related contaminants present, we can teach you ways to improve well water safety
  • Convenience: We will transport your sample to the lab. In October, we’ll come to the Town Hall to explain the results, provide an overview of water quality, and answer any questions you

This is an optional educational program open to all town residents. There is no requirement to test well water or treat any contamination that may be present.

Want to see the PDF version of this form? View it here

REGISTER ONLINE AT: https://bit.ly/2Me7RGs

Questions? Contact UW-Extension at 920/929-3173 or diana.hammer@ces.uwex.edu

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