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Waupun Area Water Sampling Opportunity

Waupun Area Families with private drinking water wells are invited to sample drinking water with Rock River Intermediate School and UW-Extension. View Details & Secure Registration Options through Eventbrite Información en español (PDF, 2 pages) o habla a Diana a 920/929-3178 Reasons to Test Through This Program: Understand Risk: Testing reveals what, if any, contaminants […]

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Oakfield Area Well Sampling Opportunity – 2017

Town of Oakfield invites area families to sample drinking well water. View Details & Secure Registration Options through Eventbrite Reasons to Test Through This Program: Understand Risk: Testing reveals what, if any, contaminants are in your drinking Your Children’s Health: Kids, especially babies and pregnant women, are more vulnerable to certain Increased Confidence in Water […]

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Well Water Sampling Options

UW-Extension recommends that well owners sample their well at least once per year, at a different time of the year. You can test your water through the Fond du Lac County Health Department, the UW-Extension lab in Stevens Point, the State Lab of Hygiene or other private laboratories in the area. Below are descriptions of […]

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Arsenic in Well Water

  January 28, 2016       Arsenic is a naturally-occurring mineral found in bedrock layers. Recent well water sampling programs in the Towns of Lamartine and Osceola found arsenic detects at a rate slightly higher than the state average. The EPA recommends avoiding long-term consumption of drinking water containing arsenic at a higher level […]

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Manure Management and Water Quality

This series of maps and images (PDF, 9874 KB) shows: Examples of karts features (like sinkholes) that make surface water and groundwater in Fond du Lac County particularly vulnerable to contamination from field runoff, leaking septic systems, and over-applied lawn and garden chemicals. Regulations and rules that farmers follow when land applying manure, whey, or […]

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Well Water User Survey Update

More than 400 area residents have completed a survey about well water and more are needed. “I’m proud to say we have amazed the researchers helping us in River Falls with the tremendous participation of area residents so far,” says Diana Hammer Tscheschlok, Community, Natural Resource, and Economic Development Educator with the University of Wisconsin-Extension, […]

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Osceola & Mitchell: Well Water Sampling Results

41 residents in the Towns of Osceola and Mitchell (Sheboygan Co.) tested their well water in July with UW-Extension. View the complete results including maps (PDF. 3.8MB). 90% (37) of the wells tested measured very low nitrate levels. 17% (7) of wells tested positive for coliform bacteria, which is typical of most other WI communities. […]

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Oakfield & Fond du Lac Well Sampling Results

Residents in the Towns of Fond du Lac and Oakfield learned that their samples returned better results than the state average this week.  Coliform bacteria, nitrate, and arsenic, three of the most common problems detected with well water systems, were found minimally or not at all in the 118 wells sampled in the two townships. […]

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Well Water Sampling Videos

This 3-minute video goes over the instructions for taking a clean water sample from the pressure tank in a home with a private drinking water well. You can pause as you go and follow along step-by-step. This Fond du Lac County video shows the steps.

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Town of Fond du Lac Water Quality

Town of Fond du Lac residents sampled water on April 8, 2013.  Learn the results. Prior to this program, residents in the Town of Fond du Lac last sampled with the UW-Extension lab in Stevens Point in June, 2002. At that time, 87 wells were sampled.  Seven (9%) tested positive for coliform bacteria. Zero wells […]