“4-H on Wheels” 4-H Outreach Effort

The 4-H Outreach effort “4-H on Wheels” is bringing a summer program to North Fond du Lac’s Green Meadows community where most of the residents are Latinos — 16 youth ages 5-13 years old are participating in learning activities that 4-H Youth Development brings to their neighborhood. The group is meeting every Monday afternoon and have learned life skills, such as learning to learn by using air pressure to launch rockets using balloons; teamwork, communication and cooperation through fun activities; to be creative by transforming recycled materials into crafts, etc.

For the last meeting, members plan to host an “Ice cream social” where all members will make their own ice cream sundae and share their experiences during this summer program.

The response of youth participating in the summer program has been great. Participants expressed their interest to meet more often and throughout the year. They enjoyed all the projects, were cooperative, well behaved, older members helped the younger ones and truly enjoyed having something to take home and show their parents. There is a sense of pride as each one of them talk about their projects.

Flood Homes, Inc. (property owner), made this summer program possible by allowing us to meet at this location and has expressed their continuous support to the activities that 4-H is bringing to this community.

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