Community Development & Natural Resources

Diana Hammer Tscheschlok is our Community, Natural Resources and Economic Development Educator.

We provide educational information and process support for productively making decisions in your local government, business, non-profit, or community group.

We research and respond to needs in the areas of entrepreneurship, workforce development and inclusion, energy use/sustainability/extreme weather events, outdoor air quality, local government, radon prevention, hazardous waste disposal, and well water quality.

Our work is guided by the priorities of local government officials, business leaders, and residents in Fond du Lac County. Please let us know how UW-Extension can work with you.

Diana habla inglés y español.  Línea directa: 920/929-3178.

Air Quality

See Healthy Air, Healthy Us for more information on radon, local energy conservation and renewables, and air quality.

  • Get Ozone Alerts By E-Mail July 1, 2016
    Warm temperatures had some people seeing orange.  That was the color of the federal Air Quality Index (AQI), meaning “unhealthy air for sensitive groups,” for 15 counties in Wisconsin. Higher temperatures mean higher ozone levels, which can harm the elderly, young children, and anyone with a respiratory or cardiac disease.  The Department of Natural Resource […]

Energy Use

  • Science and Energy Conservation Strategies September 25, 2012
    In June 2012, Diana Hammer Tscheschlok attended an in-service with UW-Extension colleagues to learn the latest climate science and energy conservation strategies. As a result of this workshop, she is infusing more climate science into her work in Fond du Lac County. While climate change is a global phenomenon, there are many impactful ways to […]


  • Entrepreneurship Educator Joins UW-Extension Fond du Lac County July 8, 2015
    Mike Winkler has recently joined UW-Extension Fond du Lac County as an Entrepreneurship Educator. His work will be centered on teaching Going Solo workshops for community members interested in starting their own businesses, honing their basic business skills, and exploring the idea that “everyone is an entrepreneur.” Of special emphasis will be service to tr […]

Local Government

  • Well Water Sampling Options June 2, 2016
    UW-Extension recommends that well owners sample their well at least once per year, at a different time of the year. You can test your water through the Fond du Lac County Health Department, the UW-Extension lab in Stevens Point, the State Lab of Hygiene or other private laboratories in the area. Below are descriptions of […]

Organizational Development

    The Fond du Lac County Natural Beauty Council will host its 34th Arbor-Earth Day Dinner and Program on Wednesday, April 20, 2016, at the Knights of Columbus Hall, 795 Fond du Lac Avenue, Fond du Lac.  Registration will be 5:30-6:30 PM, with dinner being held at 6:30 PM, followed by the program. “HISTORICAL LAKESIDE PARK”is […]
  • Non-Profit Boards March 4, 2015
    Educational Materials for Non-profit Boards Available as free PDF downloads from BoardSource Board Dynamics and Processes – FAQs Board Meetings – FAQs Board Leadership Board Action Calendar (legal documents that need to be filed and other recommended annual processes) Fiduciary Responsibilities of board members Board Orientation Common Board Shortcomings (to […]
  • Succession Planning for Non-profits April 16, 2014
    Intentionally preparing for the departure of executive directors, board members, and staff is a key way to maintain stability in organizations of any size. As high quality personnel and volunteers rotate through terms, quit, or retire, organizations with succession plans are able to maintain high levels of performance and continuity. In this workshop for non […]


  • RADON IS SPOOKY October 22, 2015
    Radon doesn’t rattle chains or say, “Boo!” But it is the leading cause of lung cancer among people who have never smoked. Radon is a naturally-occurring, invisible radioactive gas which can be controlled in any home. The only way to know the radon level is to measure. Do it yourself or hire a professional. About […]
  • Radon-Resistant New Home Construction September 30, 2010
    Building a new home that includes a radon mitigation system is much simpler than adding a mitigation system after the house is already built. It is also inexpensive ($300-$600). Learn more about radon resistant construction. Radon for Builders and Contractors (EPA) What are the risks of radon? For more information, contact Diana at UW-Extension (920.929.3173 […]
  • Radon Testing at Home September 30, 2010
    Radon is a radioactive gas found in homes in every part of Fond du Lac County. Testing for it is inexpensive, and mitigating is straight-forward.

Waste & Recycling

  • Fond du Lac County Clean Sweep 2017 February 22, 2017
    Many common items such as automotive products, household cleaners, pesticides and home improvement products are hazardous when used, stored or disposed of improperly. We all end up breathing chemicals burned in a barrel and waste in a landfill can seep into our water supply.  The damage can be life-threatening.  The clean sweep event is a […]
  • Fluorescent Tubes November 18, 2016
    Locations below accept fluorescent tubes for recycling: Riley Electrical Supply located at 659 S. Hickory in Fond du Lac:  Phone:  (920) 922-7711 Ripon Ace Hardware located at 1085 W. Fond du Lac Street, Ripon Fluorescent tubes of all sizes – price varies; $.70 each for 4 ft. bulbs Phone:  (920) 748-3360 Ripon Electric, 510 Aspen St., Ripon Phone:  (920) […] […]

Water Quality

  • Oakfield Area Well Sampling Opportunity February 23, 2017
    Town of Oakfield invites area families to sample drinking well water. View Details & Secure Registration Options through Eventbrite Reasons to Test Through This Program: Understand Risk: Testing reveals what, if any, contaminants are in your drinking Your Children’s Health: Kids, especially babies and pregnant women, are more vulnerable to certain Increa […]
  • Waupun Area Water Sampling Opportunity February 9, 2017
    Waupun Area Families with private drinking water wells are invited to sample drinking water with Rock River Intermediate School and UW-Extension. View Details & Secure Registration Options through Eventbrite Información en español (PDF, 64KB) o habla a Diana a 920/929-3178 Reasons to Test Through This Program: Understand Risk: Testing reveals what, if an […]
  • Well Water User Study: Women & Young People Want More Information June 2, 2016
    931 Area Residents Participate in Survey of Well Water Users With input from more than 900 county well water users in a recent survey, the University of Wisconsin – Extension, Fond du Lac County reports that residents want more information about the safety of their well water. “Women said they are less certain about the […]

Winnebago Waterways

  • Dip Into Lakes Videos June 22, 2015
    Videos from the Dip Into Lakes seminar series are now available online at the links below or on DVD. A DVD can be purchased for $5 (cash or check) by contacting the UW-Extension. Getting to Know Lakes by Chad Cook, UW-Extension Natural Resources Educator Winnebago Natural History by Art Techlow, WDNR Winnebago System Fisheries Biologist […]
  • Waterfront property values, healthy fish, and lot improvements August 8, 2013
    When we develop waterfront lots, trees, and native plants are replaced by impervious (hard) surfaces. Driveways, rooftops, and other hard surfaces decrease the ability of the shoreland area to serve its natural functions. A variety of educational materials including brochures, posters, and a video about how impervious surfaces affect fish, wildlife and water […]
  • Winnebago Waterways Update July 1, 2013
    Thank you to all area residents and users of the Lake Winnebago System who “weighed in” this spring on what they thought the most important issues of the system are and what actions are most important to take immediately to improve and protect the lakes.  All responses and discussions have been compiled, and the final […]
  • Natural Resources: Weigh in on the Winnebago Waterways February 28, 2013
    Do you fish, swim, or boat on the Winnebago waterways?  Do you own a business near a shoreline or live near one?  The Department of Natural Resources is gathering feedback in a special project through April of 2013.  Have your say online and at public meetings.  You may also sign up for occasional updates via […]
  • Natural Resources Expertise Available July 19, 2012
    The University of Wisconsin-Extension, in partnership with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and other agencies and organizations, supports a Regional Natural Resources Program.  This program includes a network of educators located throughout Wisconsin, with expertise in water resources, forestry, citizen engagement, process facilitation, and des […]

Workplace Inclusion

  • Latino Family Group Interviews March 2, 2015
    The most recent census recorded a 123% increase in the Latino population in Fond du Lac County between 2000 and 2010. In an effort to learn more about these newcomers, Fond du Lac County held five structured conversations with about 50 Latino residents in the winter of 2012. The results are presented in this Latino […]
  • New North B2B Magazine July 2012: Multicultural Matters July 11, 2012
    Community Development Educator Diana Hammer Tscheschlok and Mid-States Aluminum Corp. Director of Human Resources Sue Roettger contributed to this article about local employers creating inclusive environments and enjoying better business outcomes as a result.  Contact Diana to participate in the workplace inclusion survey.

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