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Brandon Tanagers hay ride

4-H Family Times Dec/Jan Newsletter

Highlights in the December/January Family Times 4-H newsletter include:  Awesome Club Officers Workshop, Annual Required Leaders Training for 4-H Clubs & Groups, Winter Leadership Camp, Wis. 4-H Foundation Scholarship, Volunteers & Friends Recognized, What Life Skills are You Learning?


Tips for preparing a delicious and food safe, roast turkey

A delectable roast turkey is often the centerpiece of the family Thanksgiving dinner. Keeping in mind some food safety tips while preparing your holiday bird will help ensure it is not only tasty, but also free of foodborne bacteria that may cause illness, according to Barbara Ingham, food science specialist with the University of Wisconsin-Extension. […]

fluorescent tube light

Fluorescent Tubes

Locations below accept fluorescent tubes for recycling: Riley Electrical Supply located at 659 S. Hickory in Fond du Lac:  Phone:  (920) 922-7711 Ripon Ace Hardware located at 1085 W. Fond du Lac Street, Ripon Fluorescent tubes of all sizes – price varies; $.70 each for 4 ft. bulbs Phone:  (920) 748-3360 Ripon Electric, 510 Aspen St., Ripon Phone:  (920) […]


Parenting from the Sidelines

Have you ever been to a sporting event or performance where the parent behind you is shouting out instructions to his teen or berating the other youngsters participating? As the competition increases in middle school and high school so, it seems, does the obnoxious parent behavior. Our culture appears not only to accept parental over-involvement […]


Nutrition education program changes to meet needs of new audiences

FoodWIse is new name of Wisconsin Nutrition Education Program Contact Amber Canto, 608-262-0384, amber.canto@ces.uwex.edu A successful nutrition education program is getting a new name to make it relevant and accessible to more audiences. FoodWIse, formerly known as the Wisconsin Nutrition Education Program, or WNEP, has a long legacy of providing nutrition education to Wisconsin families […]

smoke detector

How to Properly Dispose of Smoke Detectors

  Smoke Detectors: Smoke detectors typically fall within two categories:  photoelectric and ionization.  When it comes to disposal, old photoelectric detectors can be safely put in the trash, so long as you remove the battery first.  Read on for information about ionization detectors. Ionization-Based Smoke Detectors: Ionization detectors contain a small amount of Americium 241, […]

credit report2

Take advantage of free credit reports

A person’s credit score is often one of the most important numbers in their lives, but finding out what yours is can be one of the most complex processes to sift through. The University of Wisconsin-Extension “Check Your Free Credit Report” campaign’s website, fyi.uwex.edu/creditreport, has taken charge of reminding people to take advantage of free reports, […]

image of a stink bug

Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs Found in Agricultural Crops

For the first time in Wisconsin, brown marmorated stink bugs have been caught in traps in agricultural crops (apple and pumpkin). If you are not monitoring for the bug on your orchard/farm, it would be a good time to inspect for the pest. Please see the article for more information.

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Snap+ Training Classes

Registration is now available for the annual SNAP+ Training Classes which are being held on December 8th and 9th at UWFDL, Room AE-205/206. SNAP+ Version 16.0 is a computer program designed to help build and maintain a nutrient management plan for farmers and crop advisors. The software is free and can be downloaded when the […]